Issue 8 and Volume 36.

A STEAM ENGINE OF EXCIPTIONAL ECONOMY. In view of the intense interest at present manifested in the steam economy of prime movers, both of the reciprocating and turbine types, it is impossible to pass without remark some results lately obtained in an official pumping engine test at the Park avenue pumping station, Chicago. The engine is of the Worthington, duplex, reciprocating, tripleexpansion type, having semi-rotary steam valves, but no flywheel. The latter is replaced by compensating cylinders so arranged that their pistons retard the motion of the main piston during the first part of the stroke, but assist it towards the close, giving a uniform resultant thrust. The pistons of these auxiliary cylinders work against air under pressure from a tank. The engines are vertical, and the weight of the pistons, plungers and rods is counter-balanced by another auxiliary balancing plunger, also working through the medium of water against air…

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