Issue 8 and Volume 36.

NOTES FROM NEW JERSEY. Specially written for FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING. The fire insurance companies and the city of Paterson are at loggerheads—their relations have been strained for some time. To the observant, however, it would seem as if the fire insurance men will have to lake a back seat. It will be remembered that, acting, it is supposed, under orders from higher up, the Paterson agents notified the city authorities that, unless thev considerably bettered the local fire protection, the insurance rates would be increased fifteen per cent. An ordinance was accordingly passed providing for new fire engines and apparatus, extending the fire limits, arranging for a heavier head of water within certain districts and ordering an issue of $25,000 in bonds to meet the expense. Acting on the principle of squeezing their clients for all they are worth, however, the insurance agents increased their rates, notwithstanding the fact…

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