Issue 8 and Volume 36.

WATERWORKS ITEMS FROM ALL PARTS (FROM SPECIAL REPORTS TO FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING) Portsmouth, Ohio, seems to fear higher water rales. A water system for Donaldsonville, La., will cost $.50,000. It will cost $84,000 to meter the water services at Springfield, Ill. The proposed new reservoir at Asheville, N. C., will cost $36,000. Alpha, Minn,, has determined on building a $4,000 waterworks system. Work on the $10,000 waterworks system at Frederic, Wis., has begun. The new waterworks extension at Portage, Mich., has been completed. Wooster, Ohio, could at once stop water waste by resorting to meterage. Scranton, Pa., is calling out for an increased water supply for the East End. An issue of $48,000 waterworks bonds has been voted at Mountain View, Cal. The new waterworks system at Sitka, Alaska, will cost between $8,000 and $10,000. D. L. Face has donated a plot of ground as a site for the…

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