Issue 8 and Volume 36.

WATER SUPPLY OF MARSHALL. In 1885 when Marshall, Mo., was a small town of about 3,000 inhabitants, the Marshall Water company, under a twenty-year franchise which fixed rates and provided that the city might purchase (as it has purchased) the waterworks system, built the plant, with a thirty-six-foot well as the source of supply, from which the water was pumped direct. There were then only five miles of mains, with only too taps in service and sixty-seven fire hydrants set. The consumption was 200,000, the domestic pressure was eighty pounds; the fire, 130 pounds. The whole cost of the system was $75,000. In 1888, while the population had increased, the mileage of mains remained the same; the number of taps had twenty added to it; and the consumption was increased by 25,000 gallons. Today, to supply a population of over 6,000, it has added to the wells; has a reservoir…

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