Issue 8 and Volume 36.

TORONTO CRITICISMS. Certain officials of Toronto, Ont., including Fire Chief Thompson, have been visiting Cleveland, Detroit, and Buffalo, with a view of profiting by an investigation of their fire departments and comparing them with that of Toronto, so that it might be brought up to the level of a first-class American establishment. The visitors were chiefly interested in pipe lines and fireboats, neither of which Toronto possesses. One of the Torontonians said; “Comparing Detroit with Cleveland, I should say that Detroit has the better fireboats, while Cleveland is ahead in the matter of pipe lines. Detroit has a fine fireboat, recently added to the department and costing $110,000. Taking the departments as a whole, however. I believe Buffalo has the best of the three cities. She has had the advantage of experience of each of the other two and has profited by it. We were not favored quite as much…

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