Issue 8 and Volume 36.

HOOPSKIRTS AND WATER SUPPLY. The Kalamazoo. Mich., council has under consideration the dredging of Kalamazoo river from the city of Cooper, a distance of several miles, for the deepening of the bed in some places and the removal of sandbars in others. Particular attention is to be paid to that portion of the river within the corporation which has never recovered, even with time’s help, from the choking of the channel received during the hoopskirt era of forty years ago. when every cast-off crinoline found its way to as near the middle of the stream as a wounded and outraged male member of the houshoid could throw it. Those old hoopskirts are there yet. save the comparatively few raised out by fishermen with hook and line. They are there by the thousand—plague and pestilence breaders.

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