Issue 8 and Volume 36.

WHY SPRINKLERS FAIL. In New England particularly, as well as elsewhere in the United States, there has lately been an unusually .large number of sprinkler failures. Of these failures Everett U. Crosby, an insurance expert, formerly manager of the Underwriters’ Bureau of New England, says that their number is “steadily increasing for various reasons. First, the number of equipments is being added to each year. Second, a great many equipments are becoming old; sprink ler heads in some cases have become inoperative even without fhe aid of corrosive influences. Sprinkler parts and dry valve parts lose their life and spring, and in time become out of order. Piping in some places gradually accumulates sediment, and the pipeor sprinkler orifices become clogged. Then, again, the original sprinkler installation was put in the property of the than who believed in it, and often for scant insurance rebate. Today a majority of equipments…

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