Issue 8 and Volume 36.

EVIL SMELLING CROTON WATER. According to Dr. Roberts and to Dr. Ernest J. Lederle, formerly president of the board of health, no alarm need be felt over the unpleasant appearance of New York city’s drinking supply at this time. Owing to the recent rains, the water shows pale green and yellow tints, and, when strained through light fabric, will leave deposits, both mineral and vegetable. Dr. Roberts said that he had examined the deposits under the microscope, and that it showed the form of a plant known to bacteriologists as a member of the cryptogamous family. Despite the numerous complaints that are daily being received at the Bronx office of the health department in regard to the poor conditions of the drinking water which is supplied to the residents of that borough. Dr. Charles F. Spencer, acting sanitary superintendent of the borough, says that frequent examinations of the Croton water…

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