Issue 10 and Volume 36.

A FIREPROOF HOTEL. The costly hotel Astor just built on Seventh avenue at Forty-fourth and Forty-fifth streets, Manhattan, New York, is considered a model of the most recent development in fireproof construction. The stairways are inclosed with fireproof material and doors, which make them practically fire escapes. Besides the usual fire appliances and alarms on every floor, each guest-room is provided with an automatic fire-detector service, which notifies the office if the temperature reaches 130 degrees. Modern experience and investigation have proved that, in the vast majority of cases, people do not perish in accidental fires through the flames and heat, but lose their lives through suffocation. It was with these facts in mind that each door has been divided into sections, and isolated from all other floors by fireproof inclosures round the stairways and elevators. At the first sign of alarm, the doors to these are closed, but not…

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