Issue 10 and Volume 36.

CORRESPONDENCE. WATER-STEALING. To FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING: In the August 6th issue of FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING you called attention to the subject of water stealing in Cleveland, Ohio. The fact, as noted, that this has been going on for some time without detection is food for much thought and consideration by waterworks authorities all over the country. The fact made evident by the officials of Cleveland is unquestionably the condition in other large cities. This is no doubt the result of over-confidence by local officials in the honesty of the large companies who are extensive users of water. It is apparently a fact to be much regretted that this overconfidence is taken advantage of by certain persons, and, if such matters are brought to the attention of waterworks officials, it throws a shadow of more than suspicion, and, naturally so, over all users of water in this class. There…

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