Issue 13 and Volume 36.

METERAGE SCHEME FOR SAN ANTONIO Specially written for FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING. The waterworks company of San Antonio, Tex., operating under a State charter, which expires in January, 1933, enjoys a franchise granting it the use of the streets, alleys and public places of the city and the right to operate its waterworks system there for ten years after its charter has expired. Its contract with the city for public and domestic water service, which, with the franchise, was dated June 4, 1894. terminated on August 1, 1903. The city claims the right to regulate the rates which the company charge. Negotiations have been pending for some time looking towards the preparation of a new contract, the city desiring the insertion of some new features and insisting upon a revision of the rates, over which the company and the city are at variance. That, however, does not enter into the…

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