Issue 13 and Volume 36.

BOOK RECEIVED. UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS-CHEMICAL SURVEY OF THE WATERS OF ILLINOIS. Report for the years 1897-1902. By Arthur William Palmer, Sc. D., Professor of Chemistry. Published by the University. 1903. The State water survey of Illinois, through its department of Chemistry in the University of Illinois, has published the above most valuable report of the chemical survey of the waters of the State. The report is broadly divided into three parts, as follows: A brief consideration of the sanitary conditions of the ordinary ground waters and matters relating thereto, accompanied by a palter upon (1) “The geology of Illinois as related to water supplies.” by Charles W. Rolfe. professor of Geology in the State University; (2) results of the mineral analysis of some 460 samples of water mainly from wells of considerable depth; (3) a report of the investigation of the surface waters of the State, relating chiefly to the…

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