Issue 13 and Volume 36.

FILTRATION PLANTS. Among the recent sales of filters made by the New York Continental Jewell Filtration company, general offices, 15 Broad street. New York city, were the following: For Apartment Houses, Residences, Office Buildings, etc., Grand hotel, Caledonia Springs, Prov, of Quebec, Canada; St. Joseph’s hospital, Ft. Wayne, Ind.; New York Telephone company, New York city; N. Y. Magdalen Benevolent society, Inwood, N. Y.; Racquet and Tennis club, New York city; Dr. Reginald Allen, J. C. Wilson, S. Geikler, Thus. W. Eynon, Mrs. Isaac Starr, Miss M. Grace Mall, C. J. String. Miss Hubbell, Rev. E. S. Lowery, W. H. Farwell, C. J. Hatfield. Mrs. Wm. McLean, Philip Wright, all of Philadelphia, Pa. For Miscellaneous Uses.—Eynon & Evans, brass foundry, Philadelphia, Pa.; Rotograph company, 771 East One Hundred and Sixty-fourth street, New York city; J. A. Roebling’s Sons company (second order), Trenton, N. J.; W. H. Tolhurst & Son, Troy,…

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