Issue 14 and Volume 36.

FIRE NEWS OF THE WEEK (SPECIAL CORRESPONDENCE OF FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING) John McConologue elected fire chief at Sacramento, Cal. Fire Chief R. F. Brown, of San Jose, dismissed from the department. Ithaca, N. Y., has had its annual fire department and inspection parade. William Nebgeri, formerly fire chief of Belleville, Mo., is now chief of that city’s police force. Chicago has five new engine houses ready for occupancy and equipment. Five new companies must be enrolled. In consequence of disastrous fires, Galveston, Ind., is to have better fire protection. Both a water and a fire department are to be installed. No inducement can persuade Chief Henry R. Hinman of Catskill, N. Y., to accept re-election as head of the fire department of that town. ITic new house for truck company No. I of the Philadelphia fire department will cost $20,000 and will occupy a space 25.7 by eighty-eight feet.…

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