Issue 14 and Volume 36.

THE SLOCUM REPORT. The report of the United States Board of Steam boat Inspectors appointed to investigate and report upon conditions which brought about the Slocum disaster in the East River, New York, on June 15. has published its findings. Needless to relate, it does not hold the government inspectors, members of its own body, responsible. On the contrary, it finds that the life-saving apparatus was adequate, the lifepreservers were up to the mark, and the fire hose, pumps, etc., altogether up to date. Their verdict has been a complete reversal of that of the coroner’s jury, and to those who followed the evidence given before ihe coroner it seems completely contrary to that testimony. Gen. Dumont and his fellow-inspectors find themselves completely innocent of all fault, and place the whole blame upon Capt. Van Schaick, Chief Engineer Conklin and Van Wart, the pilot, whose licenses are revoked. According to…

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