Issue 14 and Volume 36.

NEW FORM OF WAVE. Dr. Vaughan Cornish has drawn attention to a new form of wave which has been observed in the Guntenlnch and Griinnbach streams, which flow along open paved conduits into the Thunersee, in Switzerland. Each of these streams ends in a waterfall, which is not steady, nor yet merely flickering, but which is affected by a regular cadence, having a period of several seconds. In the case of the Griinnbaeh stream, the phenomenon is easily visible at the distance of a mile, and in a photograph exhibited by Dr. Cornish the successive waves traveling along the conduit are beautifully marked and quite distinct. 1’he amount of water, when a wave arrives at the lip of the waterfall, is increased by at least one-third; and the cadence is caused by the movement of something which resembles a bore, but travels down the channel more rapidly than the current…

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