Issue 14 and Volume 36.

METERAGE AT DANVILLE. By very good judgment and management of its water distribution Danville, Va., has pulled through the past year without any additional cost for maintenance, except a trifling increase in the fuel account. The city has a population of 17,000; its water takers are 1,763; the number of meters installed is 1,733. Here in a system adopting general meterage is found the low per-capita consumption of a little over fort-five gallons. According to the report of Superintendent Frank Talbott the old pumping engine, which has done duty for twenty-three years, still furnishes the supply, although at a greater expense for fuel. Night and day this engine has worked, and it would not be able to stand this hard service but for the curtailment of water used through the adoption of meters. There was a decrease of pumpage of 11*,250,000 gallons during the year and 45,800 pounds of coal.…

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