Issue 16 and Volume 36.

ANOTHER RESERVOIR SCHEME FOR NEW YORK. The board of Croton aqueduct commissioners, whether out of zeal for the well-being of the citizens of New York, or influenced by a desire to prolong its existence (and, incidentally the comfortably salary of $10,000 a year attached to each commissionership) has evolved yet another scheme for adding to the water supply of New York city and has caused preliminary surveys leading up to that end to be made. The plan contemplates an enormous reservoir nearly seven miles long, with a capacity of nearly 10,000,000,000 gallons, and a smaller supplementary reservoir at Cross river, which in the opinion of Chief Engineer J. Waldo Smith of the aqueduct board, will afford the city an additional supply of 50,000,000 gallons daily. It is intended to build a masonry dam 1,000 feet long to close the mountain gorge through which flows the east branch of the Croton…

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