Issue 16 and Volume 36.

FIRE NEWS OF THE WEEK (SPECIAL CORRESPONDENCE OF FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING ) Four persons perished in a fire which destroyed the Tracey hotel in South St. Joseph, Mo. It is thought high time that at least one of the fire commissioners of San Francisco should be a practical firefighter. The superstitution exists at Alameda, Cal., that, because the city has a pond in its midst, therefore, its fire department does not need water to extinguish fires. At Bloomer, Wis., boys playing around a strawstack on a farm, saw a bees’ nest and started to burn it out. The stack caught fire, and the barns, granary, machinery, house and residence were burned. Three exhibition horses, owned by W. G. Carling, of St. Paul, were burned to death in a car at Blair, Neb. They were on their way to horse shows in the Southwest when the accident occurred. Loss, $12,000.…

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