Issue 16 and Volume 36.

HEIGHTENING THE ASSUAN DAM. The first new work in connection with the future irrigation of Egypt will certainly be the heightening of the Assuan dam. When that has been done, the river level of water stored in the reservoir will be 112 metres, or six metres higher than the present level, and a further submersion of the temples on the island of Philae will ensue. Serious damage will also be caused to the splendid temple thirty miles south of Assuan, at Kalabsheh. This is a stone temple of the Roman period, built upon a brick base, which will be submerged, and is likely to decay quickly, involving the fall and ruin of the stone superstructure. The temple at Dakkeh is twenty-five miles or so south of Kalabsheh and its massive towers are in finer preservation than any others in Egypt. With the raising of the dam, however, this monument will…

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