Issue 18 and Volume 36.

WATER DEPARTMENT OF LAWRENCE The waterworks system of Lawrence, Mass., was built by the city in 1873-75, when the population was about 30,000. Today its population numbers upwards of 70,000 persons, of whom, it is estimated, 66,500 are supplied with water. In the fall of 1902 three division wells were built at the filter so as to facilitate the removal of ice and the operation of cleaning. By this means the ice can be removed and the filter can be cleaned from one-third of the filter, while the remaining two-thirds are in operation. This alteration, of course, met a certain want, but not enough for it to he regarded in the light of a substitute for a new filter, which is the crying need of the system today. The city treasury, however, apparently cannot supply the money, and the health of the people is thereby threatened, as, even under the…

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