Issue 18 and Volume 36.

CHIEF TRICKET TO GO? Under the above caption a local paper of Kansas City, Mo., published on October 22, has the following paragraph: “At a meeting of the joint fire committee of the two houses of the council, held in a downtown office building last night, it was practically decided that Edward W. Trickett. chief of the fire department, is to be displaced by George C. Hale, whom he succeeded two and one-half years ago. The grounds on which the change is to be made are that Mr. Trickett has grown too old, and, if the scheme is not baulked, it is proposed that it will go into effect on or about the 15th of next month. The dethroning of Chief Trickett does not mean, however, his dismissal from the department, as a position is to be created for him. It is to be that of fire warden, the duties…

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