Issue 18 and Volume 36.

AMONG THE FIRE ENGINEERS NEWS OF THE DEPARTMENTS, SPECIALLY PREPARED FOR FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING. YOUNGSTOWN, OHIO. Chief W. Loller, of Youngstown, Ohio, is determined to bring and keep his department up to the top notch and to afford the city the best fire protection possible. He has now a new fire station—No. 7. In it will be placed the combination chemical engine and hose wagon, having been found too heavy, owing to the condition of the streets, it has been rebuilt. equipped with rubber tires and a Glazier turret, and a lighter and better adapter wagon has been obtained to serve in the territory formerly occupied by the combination wagon. The use of the Glazier turret—a nozzle in which three streams may be united and are controled by one man—makes possible the delivery of a large volume of water at effective points. For that reason he recommends the purchase…

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