Issue 18 and Volume 36.

FIRE NEWS OF THE WEEK (SPECIAL CORRESPONDENCE OF FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING) West Chester, Pa., and Philadelphia, now use the same couplings. W. Martin is president and John Achell, secretary of the Chester, Pa., Firemen’s Relief association. On the Midway at Fort Thomas, Cincinnati, three business places were burned. Two were saloons. Loss, $18,000. The officers of the South Manchester, Conn., fire department have been unanimously re-elected. O. J. Atwood is chief. For the future every unmarried fireman of the Atlantic City department must notify the commisioners of his intention to get married. The necessity for adequate and improved methods of fire protection for cotton oil mills is a question that is receiving widespread consideration. At Mexico, Mo., a negro groom lost his life in a $40,000 fire, which destroyed Veterinary Surgeon Kendall’s stable, a church and another stable. The explosion of an oil stove in the kitchen of the…

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