Issue 20 and Volume 36.

MUNICIPAL WATER SUPPLY REVENUE City Engineer J. L. Tighe, of Holyoke, Mass., read a paper on the subject of “Municipal water supply revenue” before the recent New England Waterworks association convention at that city, in which among other things he said that “the tendency of the present time is towards the greater extension of municipal functions by the ownership of all local public or quasi-public works, such as waterworks, gas and electric light works, street railroads, etc. These works are generally valuable assets and are in most cases not only self sustaining, but, in many communities, contribute largely to the support of the municipality. For instance, as evidence of this, in Great Britain some years ago many municipal debts were increasing so rapidly that it was feared local taxation would eventually become too burdensome. These debts, however, cause, at present, no alarm to the taxpayer on account of their being…

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