Issue 20 and Volume 36.

THE ACME WATER STORAGE SYSTEM. The apparatus exhibited by the Acme Water Storage & Construction company, in block 44, aisle 9, machinery building, at the St. Louis fair, is intended to make possible the constant supply of water under high pressure—as, for instance, for tall buildings, country residences and small municipal waterworks, displacing water towers or elevated tanks. The system involves the use of two airtight tanks, a pump and an air-compressor. One tank is kept constantly charged with air at a high pressure, while the other contains both air and water, the air being admitted to the second tank from the first by a pressure-reducing valve set to give constant pressure in the second tank, and the water being forced into the tank by a pump. The entire contents of the water tank may be used under a constant pressure without operating either the compressor or pump, and it…

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