Issue 20 and Volume 36.

FOLDING FIRE BUCKETS. The Red Star folding fire bucket is one of the latest novelties introduced by S. F. Hayward & Co., of 20 Warren street, Manhattan, New York. It is expected by the manufacturers that this bucket, on account of its numerous advantages, will largely take the place of the rubber bucket now generally used on fire department apparatus. The Red Star folding bucket is made of canvas properly treated to make it watertight. It lias a skeleton frame of steel which makes it thoroughly stiff. With two movements, however, the bucket can be folded into a very small space. Rubber buckets have answered their purpose fairly well, but they are cumbersome and expensive, and necessarily do not last for as long a time as could be wished. The canvas used in the Red Star folding bucket is fully as durable as rubber, if not more so, and a…

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