Issue 20 and Volume 36.

FILTRATION AT FREEPORT As considerable trouble arose at Freeport, I11., from growths in its water mains, and as repeated and varying experiments had been made in the way of overcoming the evil, it was resolved to build a test filter plant. A contract was, therefore, entered into with the New York Continental Jewell Filtration company to design the plant and plan of the buildings and to erect the filter plant. The local waterworks company undertook to build all the foundations, and to erect the building and to furnish the low-service pump and connect with the filter plant at the wall of the pump house. The work was begun early in the spring of 1903. The foundation walls and reservoir underneath were made entirely of cement concrete, the building, of substantial brick construction, and the filtering and settling tanks, of three-inch red cypress. The so-called air-wash was used for washing, instead…

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