Issue 24 and Volume 36.

STANDPIPES IN HIGH BUILDINGS. In New York city for the future all buildings over too feet in height and erected prior to December, 1899, and all over eighty-five feet high erected since, must now be provided with standpipes. As a rule, nearly all the buildings over eighty-five feet high erected since 1895 and those over too feet in height are already so equipped. These standpipes must be of wrought iron or steel of sufficient strength to withstand the necessary pressure (in no case less than ,300 pounds to the square inch) to force adequate streams of water to any of the floors of the buildings, or to the roof, and must extend from cellar to roof and be connected with outside two-way threeinch standard fire department connections, with clapper-valves and proper caps, placed on the street front of bbuildings, above the curb level, in a position accessible for use of…

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