Issue 24 and Volume 36.

FIREWORKS FACTORY FIRE. Last week a fireman was injured seriously and three others had narrow escapes from death in an explosion in the main storehouse of the NordlingerCharlton Fireworks Company, a three-story frame building, in Richmond avenue, Graniteville, Richmond borough (S. I.), New York. The injured fireman was hit in the eye by the stick of a skyrocket, and the eye was knocked out. The explosives were “shooting stars,” anil the building took fire after the explosion, which was followed by many others. The North Shore fire department was so handicapped by these explosives as to be unable to render any assistance. and the storehouse and two other buildings were completely destroyed. A box of shooting stars dropped by an employe is supposed to have caused the explosion. The loss was $30,000. About two years ago the entire plant of the company was wiper! out by fire, and many persons…

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