Issue 24 and Volume 36.

WATER PURIFICATION. Dr. George T. Moore, physiologist in charge of the laboratory of plant physiology, Bureau of Plant Industry, Washington, D. C., having heard of the troubles of a small town in Kentucky which were caused by algae in its reservoir, determined to remedy them. The town some years ago had built an expensive water system, and had suffered from these vegetable growths nearly all along. Dr. Moore found the water infested with anabama—7,000 filaments to the cubic centimetre—and smelling vilely. The reservoir was of about 25,000 gallons capacity, and, as the growths were so abundant, he determined on using a strong solution—1 to 4,000.00. About 200 pounds of blue vitriol were placed in a sack and hung from the stern of a boat, which was-rowed backwards and forwards, up and down and across the reservoir for several hours, covering the whole surface, so as to distribute the crystals of…

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