Issue 24 and Volume 36.

AMONG THE FIRE ENGINEERS NEWS OF THE DEPARTMENTS, SPECIALLY PREPARED FOR FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING. HOBOKEN, BELGIUM. Chief Officer Schepers, of the fire brigade of Hoboken, Belgium, has made an official report of the big oil fire that took place some time ago in that city. On being informed by telephone that the petroleum tanks on the south of the city were on fire he sent the “first-aid” machine, a steamer, a wagonette, with firemen, and then two more steamers in succession. The floating engines and a detachment of an engineer regiment followed, the intention being to prevent the spread of the oil. When Chief Officer Schepers arrived he found that the tanks of the American Petroleum company, the space separating these from those of the Eiffe (German) company, the cooperage of the latter company and the meadow adjoining the Quai d’Herbouville were on fire. The wind was blowing in…

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