Issue 25 and Volume 36.

WOODEN STAVE CONDUITS Their Use in Ancient and Modern Times. Specially written for FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING. While commonsense shows that iron and steel are in the end the most economical, as they are generally the most serviceable materials for water pipes. yet those of wood have enjoyed and still enjoy a great measure of popularity and success, especially in California and Mexico. Wood pipes are not of today or yesterday. The ancient Egyptians employed them for carrying water; Pliny alludes to them as in use in ancient Rome; the water supply of Constantinople was so conveyed in the early days of the Byzantine Empire, and part of the water the people of that city drink today is furnished by means of such pipes. From 1582 to 1800 Londoners had no other way of receiving their water than through elm logs that had been bored out for the purpose, of…

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