Issue 26 and Volume 36.

WATER SUPPLY OF EAST ORANGE. The new public supply of water for East Orange, N. J., is now in use. It comprises a series of artesian wells, a two-foot main five miles long from a pumping station to a covered steel reservoir, from which the water is distributed by gravity through the city to the population of 30,000. The daily consumption of the city, which has hitherto been supplied by the Orange Water company and Newark, is 2.500,000 gallons. The engineer of the new system was C. C. Vermuele. The source of supply is at White Oak ridge near Summit, the wells being drilled on a tract of 640 acres, about six miles from East Orange, and adjoining that of the Canoe Brook Water company, which supplies Summit. The wells are located at the foot of the second Watchung mountain, in the valley of Canoe creek, a tributary of the…

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