Issue 26 and Volume 36.

WATERWORKS ITEMS FROM ALL PARTS (FROM SPECIAL REPORTS TO FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING) Norwood, Ohio, wishes to tap the Cincinnati water main. It will cost Chrisman, Ill., $10,000 to install a waterworks system. The water supply proposed for Bagley, Minn, will cost about $.25,000. Ellwood City, Ohio, will have a waterworks system installed by next spring. Dunnegan & Corey will make the second extension of water service at Clarinda, Ia. A 5,000,000-gallon high-duty pumping engine will shortly be installed at Streator, Ill. Mayor Conzclman, of Pekin, Ill., favors the purchase of the local waterworks by the city. It will he January before anything is done towards installing a pumping system at Sussex, N. B. A six-inch main will be laid on an extension of the Water and Light Company’s main at Yuma, Ariz. At Houston, Tex., the present condition of the city’s $500,000 filter plant is very had, and must…

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