Issue 26 and Volume 36.

FIRE NEWS OF THE WEEK (SPECIAL CORRESPONDENCE OF FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING.) Nashville, Mich., has increased its fire department by ten men. Otto Zander elected president of the Brillion, Wis., fire company. Matthew Geib is now chief of the Newburg, Wis., lire department. A. N. Appleman elected chief of fire department of Nashville, Mich. East Minneapolis, Minn., is to have a fire insurance patrol. There being no firefighting appliances at East Germantown, Ind., the principal business buildings in the place were wiped out by the flames. Loss, $12.500. From Barrc, Vt., Chief C. H. Campbell writes that the city is now building for the fire department a $25,000 station, which, it is expected, will be open about February 1, 1905. By the explosion of a kerosene lamp in the car of Adams Express company at Webster Junction, Mass., a loss was sustained of $100,000 in cash, jewelry, bonds and merchandise.…

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