Issue 27 and Volume 36.

GOOD WORK OF THERMOSTATS. The efficacy of equipping factories with thermostats was recently demonstrated at Haverhill, Mass., by an early morning fire in J. H. Winchell’s factory, which fire started in a heap of ashes in the yard near the boiler room, working its way through the building into this room. The blaze operated three thermostats which summoned the fire department. The firemen extinguished the fire outside the building. A peculiar fiature was the fact that, although a watchman was employed in the building and had just made his rounds through the boiler room, the fire was announced to the department by thermostats and extinguished by the sprinklers before the watchman knew anything about it. This good work was further illustrated by three recent fires in congested sections of Brockton, Mass., one a midnight blaze in the old Murphy & Finley factory, a cement fire in the T. B. Barry…

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