Issue 27 and Volume 36.

FIRE PROTECTION AT NEWPORT. Chief Myers, of the Spokane, Wash., fire department, has recently inspected the fire hydrants at Newport, Wash. The thread on their nipples is seven and a half threads to the inch; on the couplings and on all of the Spokane couplings is eight threads to the inch. In addition to this, the thread on the hose couplings and on all Spokane couplings is cut with one-sixteenth of an inch greater in diameter than that on the hydrant nipple. This allows the hose coupling to go on the hydrant, but it does not fit, only catching one-half of the threads. Chief Myers advises a change of these nipples. Me stated most emphatically that the existing condition is not safe and will not do, and that, unless Spokane standard threaded nipples were placed in Newport’s hydrants that the Spokane fire department will not send one foot of hose,…

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