Issue 27 and Volume 36.

“DIVINING” FOR WATER IN ENGLAND. Old superstitions and customs die hard in England Among them is that of “divining” for water. One of the most recent cases of this practice is reported from Doncaster. Yorkshire. The diviner was Mr. B. Tompkins, of Chippenham, Wilts. The party included several experts, engineers, sinkers, analysts, and others, and on their arriving at a large farm the party entered a field, where the diviner produced a twig in the shape of a fork and, followed by the party, made an excursion up and down the ground. After a while he was led to an adjoining field, where the twig appeared to pull him about, and the influence was so strong that he released it for a few moments, being himself powerfully affected. After a rest the diviner settled down to a particular snot, where he declared tnat water would be found at fifty feet…

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