Issue 1 and Volume 37.

TWO FEATS BY FIRE DRIVERS. Everybody knows that the men who handle the lines over the horses that haul the city’s fire apparatus are splendid drivers, but it is not often that one can get exactly such a demonstration of that fact as this: “Here, says the New York Sun) was an uptown residence street, asphalted, that was just now covered with six inches of soft slushy snow, which was marked with many hoofprints and scored all over, straight and crisscross and zig-zag, with the tracks made by many wagon wheels. Into one block of this street, which was at that moment vacant of all other vehicles, came, booming, a fire engine. People living on the block heaid its whistle as it approached and ran, as they always do, to the windows to see it go by, and enjoyed the stirring little spectacle that it presented as it passed. The…

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