Issue 1 and Volume 37.

WATERWORKS ITEMS FROM ALL PARTS From Special Reports to FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING. Hartley, Ia., is having a public well sunk. Montevideo, Minn., has now a waterworks system. Pekin, Ill., will probably soon own and operate a waterworks system. Within two years Maroa, Ill,, has spent $6,000 on its waterworks system. Artesian wells will be bored to irrigate the arid lands round Cheyenne, Wyo. The new waterworks system at Chctopa, Kan., has been satisfactorily tested. Mountain View, Calif., has awarded contracts for building a waterworks system. At Louisville, Ky., the bids for fire hydrants were from $140 to $160 per hydrant. Bessemer, Ala., has completed its waterworks system. Hawkins springs is the source. The Rio Grande Water Users’ association has just been formed at Las Cruces, N. M. Essex, Ont., has received legislative permission to spend $1,500 on its waterworks plant. E. J. O’Bierne, of Jackson, Miss., will build the…

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