Issue 1 and Volume 37.

NEW YORK CITY AND ITS FIRE DEPARTMENT. In his message of January 1, 1905, Mayor McClellan thus speaks of the fire department of New York city; “The efficiency of the fire department has been largely increased during the year 1904, not only by the addition of 419 firemen, but also by the repair of an old fireboat, the building of a new one, and various improvements of that character. Precautions taken by the city government to prevent the recurrence of such a disaster as the Iroquois theatre fire in Chicago in December, 1903, have evidently been effective, for the insurance companies now recognise the diminished risk of such an event by reducing the rate of insurance in a marked degree. The most pressing need of this department at the present time, and of a part of the city, is the extension of the paid fire department system throughout the more…

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