Issue 2 and Volume 37.

HOW FIREMEN DO THEIR DUTY. The following incident shows the stuff of which American firemen are made: It was an awfully cold winter’s morning in a Western city. The first hour after midnight had just struck; everything was ice and cold and misery and discomfort. Hardly had the sound of the adjoining church clock ceased to reverberate, when the fire alarm gong sounded. The men turned out of their warm beds, and, dressing as they jolted over the rough cobblestones, hurried at full speed to one of the sky-scrapers, in which a fire had broken out. They had everything in order and the ladders extended for work, when a loud cry went up from the crowd, when they saw the form of a little toddling boy at a window at the eighth story. He had been forgotten in the rush for safety, and as he gazed in wonder at the…

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