Issue 2 and Volume 37.

NATIONAL FIRE TEST STATION. Columbia University has established a plant at Amsterdam avenue and One Hundred and Fourteenth street, Manhattan, New York, as a station for testing the several methods of fireproof construction. It is under the management of Professor Ira H. Woolson, whose department is that of Mechanical Engineering. The testing station consists of two buildings, one for testing floors; the other for testing partitions. The former is fourteen feet by eighteen feet on the inside— about the size of an ordinary office. The walls are of brick; they are extremely massive and lined with concrete, through which are made draught openings next to the earth. Through two iron, asbestos-lined doors fuel is added duri g the test. Heavy steel girders are placed across the top, and between these the floor system to be tested is installed exactly as it would be constructed in a large building, except that…

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