Issue 2 and Volume 37.

CANAL SYSTEM OF NEW YORK STATE. Governor Higgins, of New York State, in his inaugural message on its canal system, says that the bids on six test contracts for parts of the work on the 1,000-ton barge canal seem to warrant the belief that the entire contsruction can be completed within the engineers’ estimates of the probable total cost of the work—an expenditure, which will probably prove adequate, so far as concerns that portion of the entire cost set apart in the estimates for construction. He also hopes that the estimates of damages for the taking of property will prove to be equally accurate. The enlargement of the canal system will be carried out to a considerable extent by the canalisation of the rivers and other navigable waters of the State. The constitution of the State (article vii., section 8) prohibits the sale of the Erie canal, the Oswego canal,…

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