Issue 2 and Volume 37.

GOOD HITCHING AT KANSAS CITY, The annual test by companies of the fire department was recently held at Kansas City, Mo. The wet tests, except in a few instances, were made through 150 feet of hose. The results were as follows: Hose 1—Stall hitch, men standing at collars; horses ran 29 feet; time, 4 seconds. Bunking out (men in bed) ; time, 9 1/2 seconds. Turning out and throwing water; men at collars, horses in stall; run 144 feet; laying 100 feet hose; throwing water in 31 seconds. Time taken from tap of beli loosening horses. Disconnecting of hose and all connections same as in actual fire (men in bed. when gong sounded.) Hose 2—Stall hitch, 20 feet; 3 seconds. Bunk hitch, 7 seconds. Hitch and run, 70 feet; water in 30 seconds. Hose No. 3—Stall hitch, 29 feet; time, 4 seconds. Bunk hitch, 10 seconds. Hitch and run, 130…

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