Issue 4 and Volume 37.

PHILADELPHIA FIRES IN 1904. The annual report of the Philadelphia fire insurance patrol shows a total of 3,395 fires m Philadelphia last year—an increase of 262 over the previous year, the total insured loss being estimated at $1,400,456 and the uninsured loss at $238,027. The buildings in which fires occurred were occupied as follows: Stores and warehouses, 438; printers, 11; metal workers, 96; woodworkers, 28; textile workers, 70; miscellaneous, 1,078; dwellings, 1,674. The principal causes of fires were: Matches. 622; defective flues, 292; sparks from locomotives, 215; furnaces, 214; stoves, 174; sparks from chimneys, smokestacks, etc., 138; smoking, 107; electricity, 103. There were 415 fires from oil lamps, stoves and other oils, and 301 of unknown origin. The patrol inspected 3.862 buildings, many defects having been found and corrected.

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