Issue 5 and Volume 37.

QUEENSLAND ARTESIAN WELLS. The aggregate daily flow of artesian water in Queensland on June 30, 1903. was estimated at 385.504,854 gallons, fully half of which, according to good authority, is allowed to go to waste. The water from some of these welts is giving out. but that is owing to their having been bored at too great an altitude to maintain a continuous flow, there being insufficient head and too small an area of reserve. But. though such wells no longer bring water to the surface, the water is still below. Holes are not put down where water is proved to exist, but untried ground is always selected. Official figures show that at the end of June. 1903. there were 960 wells in the State—an increase of twenty-six on the number for the previous year. There has been a gradual increase in the number of wells for some years. The…

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