Issue 5 and Volume 37.

NEW BOOK FOR WATERWORKS MEN. M. J. Drummond & Co., manufacturers of cast iron Mange gas and water pipe, of 182 and 184 Broadway, Manhattan, New York, have issued a very useful publication, which, while it serves the purpose of a 1905 catalogue of their pipe and other necessaries for water supply, will be found most valuable by waterworks men owing to its tables. These include among others the approximate cost of pipe-laying as determined by actual practice under varying conditions; fire streams and their pressure iu pounds required at hydrant or pump to maintain pressure indicated, not effective at nozzle through various lengths of two and onehalf-inch smooth rubber hose; friction of water in pipes; tor converting pressure per square inch into feet head of water; heights to which pumps will elevate water steam pressure, fifty pounds per sepia re inch at the pump, no allowance foi friction, etc.;…

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