Issue 8 and Volume 37.

FIRE AND WATER TEST. A fire and water test was recently made in the fire-testing station of Columbia University, Manhattan, New York, upon a building erected on the interlocked plaster block partitions system. The test was conducted by Ira H. Woodson, E. M., adjunct professor of Mechanical Engineering at Columbia, in co-operation with the city building bureaus and in strict accordance with the specifications of that bureau and under the supervision of Engineers Miller and Schwartz, of that bureau. The interlocked plaster block partitions were erected in test house No. 2, which is designed exclusively for partition tests, and is of the standard size required by the building department specifications—namely, 14 by 9 feet on the inside and 9 feet—6 inches from grate to ceiling. The walls are 2 feet—4 inches above ground level, and upon them the grate is placed. Securely anchored in the walls is a 4-inch by…

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